Fact Sheets

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For more information, download our factsheets on poisoning prevention, bites & stings, plants and mushrooms, lead toxicity and more...

Bites & Stings

Information on first aid and basic treatment of venomous bites and stings in Australia.

Button Battery Factsheet

What are the risks with button batteries and how to minimise these risks.

Carbon monoxide poisoning

What is CO poisoning and how can you prevent it in your home?

Poisonous Plants

Information on poisonous or harmful plants in Australia.


Never eat wild mushrooms in Australia; they can cause serious illness and occasionally death.

Kids and Poisons

This fact sheet provides information about keeping young children safe from poisoning.

Poison Safety Checklist

This tool designed to help you make your home, garden and shed a safer place for children.
Poisons related items are highlighted in yellow.

Lead Poisoning

Lead toxicity from the environment and other sources is a concern, particularly in children. Read about how to prevent lead exposure in your home and work.

Rat Lung Worm

Eating slugs or snails can cause a rare parasitic infection from Angiostrongylus catonensis.