Pressure Immobilisation

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Pressure-immobilisation is recommended for:

  • bites from all Australian snakes, including sea snakes
  • funnel web spider bites
  • blue-ringed octopus stings
  • cone shell stings

Do NOT use pressure-immobilisation first aid for:

  • spider bites other than a funnel web spider (such as red-back spiders)
  • jellyfish stings
  • stonefish and other fish stings
  • bee, wasp and ant stings 
  • stings from scorpions, centipedes, beetles

How to apply a pressure-immobilisation bandage

  1. Call 000
  2. Keep the person who has been bitten as still as possible. If possible, lie the patient down to prevent walking or moving around.
  3. Apply a firm bandage over the bitten area (preferably use a wide elasticised bandage if available)
  4. Then bandage the entire limb (fingers to shoulder or toes to the hip) - the bandage should be as tight as for a sprained ankle.
  5. Apply a rigid splint to the limb (piece of wood, branch, or rolled up paper)
  6. Keep still await the arrival of the ambulance for transport to the emergency department of the nearest hospital.